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October 1, 2019 Jim Wood, Senior Manager, Product Development at Insitu Inc. Insitu - Unmanned Aircraft and their Impact on Decision Making Video (coming soon!)
May 25, 2019 Pamela Valdez and others, including James Mattis Project Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park - Dedication Ceremony
May 21, 2018 David Williams, Executive Director, Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum Flying Across the Water - Aviation's impact on high speed powerboat racing
February, 2018 Pamela Valdez, Vice President, Air Force Services, Global Services, Boeing Boeing's B-52 Miracle Weekend
Sept 26, 2018 Melissa Lewis, Material Process & Physics Engineer, Boeing Research and Technology My Journey to the Boeing Advanced Development Lab
May 22, 2018 Ryan Zulauf, Deputy Airport Director, Snohomish County Airport, Paine Field Paine Field - Snohomish County Airport: Past, Present and Future
Feb 13, 2018 Bombshell - the Hedy Lamarr Story Bombshell - the Hedy Lamarr Story
16 May 2017 Introduction to the KC-46 Tanker Design Introduction to the KC-46 Tanker Design with Danny Wright KC-46 Chief Mechanic
12 Nov 2016 15th Annual Joe Sutter Black Tie Dinner Lecture Not Your Father’s (or even Grandfather’s) Airliner
17 May 2016 Desert Storm and the changes it drove in today's Air Force Major General Vince Mancuso, F-4G Wild Weasel pilot, shares Desert Strom experiances and changes it drove to force composition
16 Feb 2016 Air Space Revolution with Consequences Unmanned Aircraft Systems, UAS, or as the public is fond of calling them �drones�
14 Nov 2015 14th Annual Joe Sutter Black Tie Dinner Lecture The Strange Career of the American Spaceplane: NASA and the Quest for Routine Human Space Operations
15 Sep 2015 William Boeing and the Creation of America's Airways Mike Lombardi, Director of Archives - The Boeing Company
19 May 2015 Development of the Rolls Royce and the Merlin Engine Barry Latter, Aviation Historian
17 Feb 2015 MAX Advantage: an Overview of Boeing's Newest 737 Michael Teal, Aviation Historian
15 Nov 2014 13th Annual Joe Sutter Black Tie Dinner Lecture The Battle of Britain - 75th Year Remembrance
16 Sep 2014 P8 Poeisdon: The Game Changer Dave Pickering & Stephen Tripp
20 May 2014 Jim Freeman, Captain, Alaska Airlines Flying Smarter Without Paper
18 Feb 2014 Cory Graff, Military Aviation Curator
Flying Heritage Collection.
The Flying Heritage Collection, Home of Flying Warbirds
16 Nov 2013 Mike Sinnett, Vice President Boeing Commercial Airplanes Product Development. Creating New Airplanes - Building the Future on the Shoulders of Giants.
17 Sep 2013 Craig O'Neill, Director of Flight Administration for Kenmore Air. The Kenmore Air Story. Craig O'Neill, Director of Flight Administration for Kenmore Air shares this Iconic Comapny's History from Past-to-Present.
21 May 2013 John Sessions, founder Historic Flight Foundation. "Yes they all Fly"..Historic Flight Hangar, 10719 Bernie Webber Drive, Mukilteo, WA 98275
19 Feb 2013 Captain Steve Taylor, President of Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) Boeing Business Jets: All Dressed Up, Everywhere to Go.
17 Nov 2012 Reba Gilman founder of Aviation High School, Principal and CEO since 2003. The Aviation High School Success Story � Enhancing the Future of Puget Sound Aerospace Dominance.
18 Sep 2012 Captain Linda Orlady is Boeing's Chief Pilot for Flight Technical and Safety. Human factors and Aviation Safety � Do we have new questions?
15 May 2012 Michael Hess is a Business Development Executive for Boeing Military Programs within Jeppesen's Military Aviation Business unit. The Evolution of Aeronautical Data � From Little Black Books to Little Black Tablets
21 Feb 2012 Stan Kasprzyk is the Senior Manager on a Boeing Phantom Works effort. Soaring! Flying Sailplanes in the Northwest, and introducing a New Sailplane into the USAF Academy Fleet
21 Nov 2011 Dennis O�Donoghue, an experimental test pilot, is vice president of Boeing Test & Evaluation, part of the Engineering, Operations & Technology (EO&T) organization of Boeing. The Quest for the First (Operational) Supersonic V/STOL Fighter
20 Sep 2011 Dennis Egan, KC-46 Tanker Program Boeing Vice President and Chief Engineer Air Vehicle IPT presents An Introduction to the KC-46 Tanker. An Introduction to the KC-46 Tanker
17 May 2011 Guy Norris, Senior Editor for AVIATION WEEK presents - Boeing 787 Dreamliner - The Story Behind the Story. Boeing 787 Dreamliner - The Story Behind the Story
15 Feb 2011 Randy Neville, an overview of The Boeing Company 787 and the flight testing that has occurred since the first flight on Dec 15, 2009. 787 Flight Testing - an Update to the Society
20 Nov 2010 Dr. Mark Lewis presents the practical, impractical and advantages and disadvantages of high-speed airbreathing systems of various types of hypersonic vehicles. Taking the Hype out of Hypersonics: The Future of Practical High Speed Flight
21 Sep 2010 Dominic Horwood illustrates some compelling examples of the technical challenges of designing a modern jet engine and discuss Rolls-Royce's vision for powering the next generation of airplanes. Rolls Royce - Playing our role in the wonderful world of aerospace
18 May 2010 The Museum of Flight's Senior Curator, Dan Hagedorn and ...�What Next?� That is the question posed by Dan to anyone who has amassed... So You Want to be Aviation Historian
16 Feb 2010 Captain Calvin Augustin, Former SR-71 Command Pilot, describes the Air Force SR-71 “Blackbird” selection process, training, and the airplane. Flying the SR-71
21 Nov 2009 Dr. Richard P. Hallion, author and editor of numerous books relating to aerospace technology and military operations, as well as articles and essays for a variety of professional journals 8th Annual Joe Sutter Black Tie Dinner & Lecture:A Century of Flight Test
15 Sep 2009 Dennis O'Donoghue,
Vice president of Flight Operations, Test and Validation for Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Defying Gravity and the Odds: The Unlikely Story of the Boeing X-32B Joint Strike Fighter
19 May 2009 Victor Riley,
Associate Technical Fellow in Boeing Flight Deck, Crew Operations
Gagarin�s Envelope and Bush�s Ballot: On Our Evolving Relationship with Automation
17 Feb 2009 Captain Doug Benjamin,
Chief pilot, Military Derivatives for Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Air Borne Laser (ABL) program, an extensively modified 747-400F
22 Nov 2008 Ken Dial, Ph.D., Professor of Biological Sciences 7th Annual Joe Sutter Black Tie Dinner & Lecture: The Locomotion of Birds, Dinosaurs, and Aircraft
16 Sep 2008 Elizabeth Lund,
Vice president of Product Development for Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Transformation of the 777 � The World�s Most Capable Twin-Engine Jetliner
20 May 2008 Dr. Kevin Bowcutt
Senior Technical Fellow (STF) and Chief Scientist of Hypersonics for The Boeing Company
Hypersonic Flight: The Final Frontier of Aeronautics
19 Feb 2008 Mohammad Yahyavi
Vice President, P-8A Poseidon (BCA) Program
The 737 P-8A Poseidon
17 Nov 2007 Captain David Rowland
President-Elect of the Royal Aeronautical Society
6th Annual Joe Sutter Black Tie Dinner & Lecture:Concorde-A Real Time Machine
18 Sep 2007 Ed Shadle
Accomplished and experienced race veteran
World Land Speed Record Attempt
5 Jun, 2007 Capt. Joe MacDonald
Chief Pilot for the Boeing Company's 747 program
Boeing's Large Cargo Freighter
20 Feb 2007 Bob Hammer
President of Classic Fighter Industries Inc.
Re-creation of the revolutionary and fascinating ME-262's
18 Nov 2006 Bonnie Dunbar
President and CEO of the Museum of Flight
From Outlook, Washington, to Outer Space An Astronaut’s Story
19 Sep 2006 Bob Dempster
Recreating & Celebrating the 1924 Douglas World Cruisers Achievements
16 May 2006 Erik Lindbergh
Accomplished aviator, visionary, artist and grandson of Charles Lindbergh
Past, Present and Future of Aerospace
21 Feb 2006 Dennis Newton, FRAeS
Former Chief Test Pilot of LearFan Corp
LearFan prototype, SN001
19 Nov 2005 Capt. Darcy-Hennemann
777 Senior Test Pilot
The Boeing Company
Fourth Annual Joe Sutter Black Tie Dinner Lecture: Flight Testing the 777-200LR (and Other Tales of Adventure)
20 Sep 2005 Walt Gillette,
VP of Airplane Development,
787 Program,
Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Boeing 787 Dreamliner
17 May 2005 C. Don Bateman
Chief Engineer and Technologist,
Honeywell Flight Safety Systems and Technology
Overcoming Flight Safety Barriers
22 Feb 2005 Bob Dempster The "Around the World Bob" Lecture
20 Nov 2004 Sir Ralph Robins,
Honorary FRAeS
Third Annual Joe Sutter Black Tie Dinner Lecture: Striving for Perfection
14 Sep 2004 Ken & Suzanne Franklin with Frightful Terminal Velocity
18 May 2004 Mr. Tom Cogan,
Boeing 7E7 Chief Engineer
7E7 Dreamliner: An Industry's Journey to Value
17 Feb 2004 Capt. Suzanna Darcy-Hennemann,
Test Pilots Don't Wear Pearls
22 Nov 2003 Joe Sutter, Mr. 747 Second Annual Joe Sutter Black Tie Dinner Lecture
16 Sep 2003 Nicole Piasecki,
Vice President, Business Strategy and Marketing, Boeing
Marketing Outlook: The Fundamentals, The Near-Term Outlook and Marketing
20 May 2003 John Brown,
RAF & Boeing
Falklands Missions
18 Feb 2003 Mike Lavelle,
Boeing Aviation Maintenance Manager, F-22 Maintenance Training System
The 100 Years Before the Wrights
30 Nov 2002 Alan Mulally,
President, BCAG
First Annual Joe Sutter Black Tie Dinner Lecture
17 Sep 2002 Capt. Chuck Killberg,
Testing the F-22: A Pilot's Report
21 May 2002 Mike Houghton,
President, Reno Air Racing Assoc.
Reno Air Races
19 Feb 2002 Capt. Leon Robert High Altitude Aircraft Testing Over Tibet
27 Nov 2001 Prof. Helen Muir,
Cranfield University
Emergency Evacuations in Large Aircraft: The Psychology of the Human Factor
4 Sep 2001 John Roundhill,
Sonic Cruiser
29 May 2001 S. Michael Hudson,
Anglo-American Cooperation in Propulsion: Historical and Contemporary Activities
20 Mar 2001 Randolph S. Baseler,
An Aviation Industry Outlook for the 21st Century
28 Nov 2000 Bob Lange,
A3XX Aircraft
15 Aug 2000 Mike Adams
(Hal Cunningham),
Alaska Airlines
All Weather Operations
11 Apr 2000 Ken Smart,
UK Air Accidents
Aircraft Accident Investigation
  Jock Lowe,
British Airways